– How do I get the music and how can I use it?

It’s very very easy.

1. Just go to Audio Jungle and find the audio item you want to use.
2. Choose a license option.
3. Purchase and pay in your local currency.
4. Download the zip file containing the files and the license.
5. Use the music…

– Can I use this music in my videos?

Yes you can! After you have purchased the royalty free license at Envato / Audio Jungle and downloaded the track.

– What does royalty-free music mean?

It means that after you have paid a one-time fixed fee you are free to use the music and you don’t have to pay the creator each and every time the music is used.

– What can I use the music for?

There are 5 different types of licenses.
Depending on which license you purchase you can use the music for different kinds of projects ranging from youtube videos (the cheapest) to broadcasting and film (the more expensive).

Read all about it at Envato / Audio Jungle

It’s so easy!